How many times have your patients missed their appointments or rescheduled at the last minute, resulting in wasted time and lost revenue? The appointment reminder card sits on the refrigerator, only to be forgotten. These missed appointments have a negative impact on patient care and your practice’s bottom line.

Contacting patients between visits helps them keep their appointments and stay on track with their care. One easy way to reach patients between visits is by using an automated appointment reminder service

Benefits to Your Practice and Patients

Utilizing an appointment reminder service comes with various benefits to you, your staff, and patients.


  • Increased revenue
  • Seamless patient communication about upcoming appointments
  • Lower no-show rates
  • Increased patient engagement

Front office staff:

  • More time working with patients one-on-one
  • Less dialing and leaving messages
  • Less re-scheduled appointments
  • More time to work on other practice workflows like billing, patient charts, etc.


  • Patients will never forget an appointment again
  • Seeing a clinician regularly keeps patients healthier and helps them manage chronic conditions
  • Regular appointments allows patients to build a better relationship with their care provider

Must-Have Features

Look for an appointment reminder service that allows the reminder to be delivered through various channels, such as phone, text, or e-mail. Then confirm that the reminders can be delivered through the format each patient prefers. Communicating with patients through their preferred method of contact can help them become more engaged in their care and keep their scheduled appointments.

Figure 1. Appointment reminder example in text message format.
(Click to enlarge)

Finally, keep in mind that a reminder service embedded within your EHR can help increase efficiency by reducing clicks and keystrokes.

Utilizing an appointment reminder service is an easy way to help your patient panel become more engaged and empowered in their healthcare. Interested in using an appointment reminders service in your practice? Click the button below to learn more to get started with Amazing Reminders today! 

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