How can you kill these two birds with one stone? The answer: through money-saving copay assistance and medication guidance programs that help increase adherence.

How Do Copay Assistance & Medication Guidance Programs Work?

Copay assistance programs deliver financial offers to the provider (for the patient) at the point-of-prescribing. They help patients stay on therapy by alerting them to financial offers available for medications just prescribed.

Patients receive printed materials in the office at checkout. Pharmacies get the information via electronic prescription transfer or hard copy script with auto-injected adjudication information. Separately, patients can be given medication guidance handouts with messaging designed to drive the behavior to fill prescriptions.

How Do You Use These Tools in Amazing Charts?

Amazing Charts has partnered with PDR to bring you an interactive suite of tools to improve patient care and medication adherence. When prescribing medications, a new feature has been added that will notify the prescriber of whether there is a copay coupon (eCopay Program) or medication guidance (ScriptGuide Program) available for the particular drug. If desired, the coupon or education can then be printed and given to the patient.

  • eCopay® Program: Delivers electronic copay offers, rebates, or vouchers to help reduce a patient’s out-of-pocket cost on selected prescriptions.
  • ScriptGuide® Program: Delivers printed messages to motivate a patient to fill and pick up prescriptions. Retrieve patient education resources from your office printer at the point-of-prescribing. ScriptGuides automatically print when you order a prescription

Coupon information is also included in the “Notes to the Pharmacist” section of the prescription. However, pharmacies can fail to notice it, so a paper copy from the patient ensures the patient will receive financial assistance.

Write Scripts Screen

When searching for medications or reviewing your options in the formulary screen, we display an icon to let you know that the medication may be a part of the eCopay or ScriptGuide program.

  • Search: A gray icon in the “Write Scripts” screen means there could be a coupon or educational information available for the medication you are prescribing. You’ll have the ability to confirm/preview the item after you click Prescribe (example below)

Figure 1 — Click to Enlarge

  • Formulary Screen: We show you the same icon on the formulary screen so you can compare the formulary and eCopay/ScriptGuide program information at the same time.
Prescription Printing and Transmission Screen

You can hover or click the gray icon for more information:

  • By hovering on the icon, you can view which potential program is available for the medication.
  • Once you click the gray icon, it will turn green if the medication is a part of the eCopay or ScriptGuide program, and a preview of the information will open.

Figure 2 — Click to Enlarge

NOTE: Even if you’re printing a coupon/education, select the appropriate pharmacy from the list so the pharmacy information printed out on the program information is correct.

If you click the gray icon and the patient in this case is not eligible for the eCopay/ScriptGuide programs, a message will display explaining this and the icon will disappear. For example, this might happen if the eCopay program for that medication is only in effect for female patients over the age of 50. If your patient doesn’t meet this criteria, they would not be eligible and the icon would disappear.

Printing eCopay/ScriptGuide Information

You don’t have to preview the program information for it to print out when you transmit or print a prescription. When either “Print” or “Transmit” is clicked, we will check if there is actually program information available for the patient/medication.

If it is available, you’ll see the icon turn green and the system will display “Printing Program” to inform you this is happening. If the patient/medication is not actually available for a program, the transmit screen will simply close.

Figure 3 — Click to Enlarge


  • The eCopay or ScriptGuide information is available to be reprinted for 14 days from original print date.
  • You can uncheck the “Print Program” box if you do not want the program information to print.

These new tools are beneficial to both you and your patients since they lower the cost of prescription drugs and increase the probability of patients following their treatment plan. With PDR, we provide these programs in a way that is streamlined and minimizes workflow steps for the practice. We hope that by providing clinically relevant information to you, we can help improve patient compliance and outcomes. Questions? Call 866-382-5932, option 1, or email us at

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