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John Squire

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John Squire, President, Amazing Charts

What the Final Rule Means for Small Practices – MACRA Monday

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Marc Mosier, MD

Pri-Med Amazing Charts Takes Innovative Approach to Changing the Diabetes Paradigm

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ICD-10 Vendor Readiness Assessment – Do Your Partners Pass?

The successful implementation of ICD-10 relies on the integration and coordination of a practice with partners such as EHR and Practice Management (PM) vendors, payers, billing services, and clearinghouses. It is important to ensure you know where each of these...

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Four Key Facts to Know About ICD-10 Before the Transition

ONE: High-level differences The table below illustrates nine high-level difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10 for quick reference (click to enlarge). Two: External cause code reporting Reporting of ICD-10 codes in Chapter 20, External Causes of Morbidity, is not...

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